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¨Fusion¨ with jazz has happened in many ways and on a wide stream basis with improvisation always at its core.

Classically trained musician, Enric Pastor´s compositions draw upon world music as well as the minimalist movement in music. He strives to maintain a balance between annotated melody and improvisation as the driving force in his music.
His first cd ¨Canvis¨ marks the beginning of a new creative era for Pastor, his group includes Tolo Gili, piano; Wojtek Sobolewski, bass; Jaume Ginard, percussion; and , of course, Enric on violin.

In the words of music critic Ferran Pereyra from the newspaper Ultima Hora de Baleares:

For the last few years Enric Pastor has been refining his musical approach to Jazz and distancing himself from his ¨classical¨ roots. During this period the violinist has flirted with monouch, toyed with swing and classical jazz and reached a musical crossroads where he has married all of the above with a certain eclectic flair and modern approach. The very end result of this musical journey he has undertaken is audible in his album ¨Canvis¨. A fantastic concert that makes this evolution towards a richer more complex kind of music evident as well as the strong bond and deep understanding that exists between the members of the quartet. It is clear that while the annotated music is the clear foundation of the well structured songs, the use of improvisation showcasing the musical personalities of the members of the group during the solos is what sets these compositions apart. Without a doubt a great offering from our current musical scene that is perfectly exportable.

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