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Enric Pastor & CO was founded in 2013 with the idea of incorporating the violin into a Jazz formation and developing its compositional restlessness.

In addition to combining his work as a violin professor at the Conservatory of Mallorca, Enrique is a member of numerous bands that have given him new musical experiences, as well as a member of classical music groups such as Ensemble Tramuntana conducted by Barry Sargent. He has worked on Jazz manouche and is currently a member of Piolet Swing; on tango, has been a member of the Don Baires quintet; on flamenco, has been a member of the Jesús Pimentel quartet; on world music, currently is a member of the Jaume Compte group and Nafas Ensemble; and on bluegrass, for which he’s a member of the Pilgrims group.

The fusion to Jazz has diversified into many currents in which improvisation is always a common element.

This is how Enrique Pastor's compositions reflect all his sound experiences. We find elements of classical music as well as world music, minimalist music, pop and rock in his themes. He tries to find a balance between the melody which is written out as the main thread and improvisation.

His first album entitled "Canvis" in 2014 is the beginning of a new personal compositional stage. His second album "Moments" was released in March 2021 and is the consolidation towards a defined own style and the reaffirmation of an already consolidated band.
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